Children (Single)

by Panama Kings

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All songs writtern by Bell/Carson/Kennedy/McAuley

Engineered by Ryan Mitchell at Springfield Mill, Mixing and additional engineering by Ben McAuley at Start Together Studios, Belfast.

Produced by Panama Kings/Mitchell/McAuley
Mastered by Gregory Ferguson
Sleeve Design by Stuart Bell

Choir on Skeleton Key:
Johnny, Rory, Tony & Chris (And So I Watch You From Afar), Paddy, Dan, Tom and Louis (Kowalski), Jonny Black (LaFaro), Alex, Kev & Sam (Two Door Cinema Club), Owen & Leaky (General Fiasco), Neil & Tim (Six Star Hotel), Cazi, Neil, Jon & Kelly (The Lowly Knights), Ryan, Paul & Grace (Cutaways), Ricki O'Rawe (Not Squares), Steve Toner (Queer Giraffes), Ryan Mitchell, Donkey, Dave Crooks, Stu Gowdy, Angie McCrisken, Chris McCorry. Engineered by Rocky O'Reilly at Start Together Studios, Belfast


released November 24, 2008



all rights reserved


Panama Kings Belfast

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Track Name: Children
I wake up in the middle of it with my clothes on
Sweating thinking am I ever gonna wake up here again
I'm screaming at the sky for a little meaning
I'm laughing at myself for believing

I cant think of the things I used to tell myself
I cant deal with the questions that you left me with

I'm too young to know, I cant cope
Is a little bit of clarity too much to be asking for?

Its not ok to leave us when no one knows
And its just not fair to say that, then close the door
I dont know if youre thinking or dreaming
Cause we're hanging on with not much hope
And your children are all screaming
Track Name: Skeleton Key
An enemy, what you say, what you see, I always had a skeleton key
Alchemy, how they found you and me, we took it to a higher degree

So far they're never coming back you can say what you like but its so hard,
You gotta cut your ties, pick up your shit and run for you life,
Well come on dont you know once you try you'll never look back but you couldnt even if you tried.

What a surprise, friends saying their goodbyes
It aint easy to turn a blind eye
Give you a chance, one more try
Instead you cut the supply