Strummerville / Oh Yeah Sessions EP

by Panama Kings

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All tracks written by Bell/Carson/Kennedy/McAuley (Unpublished) © Copyright Control / Panama Kings 2009.

Recorded live at the Strummerville Rehearsal Rooms, Oh Yeah Centre Belfast, August 2009. Engineered by Jude McCaffrey and Craig Lloyd, mixed by Jude McCaffrey, additional mixing and mastering by Ryan Mitchell.

Track 3 originally appears on the Young Blood CD single, 2007 WeCollectRecords.

Thanks: Jude, Craig, Ryan, Stuart and Jody at Oh Yeah and everyone at Strummerville.


released October 26, 2009



all rights reserved


Panama Kings Belfast

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Track Name: Mobilise The Kids [Live]
I walked into a room, all I could see was wool
I set that fucker on fire and I kept my cool

Well you can stick around or you can quit
I'm gonna buy some guns and mobilise the kids

Wait, its a game and you have to play along to get away
Thats what they say

But thats not the same as I am, we don't want to be Part of anything
You can only have what I give to you

Its a game
Thats not the same
Track Name: Judas [Live]
I never seen so many people looking up, then looking down
I never felt so disappointed in a king with a broken crown

Say whats on your fucking mind
If you come back, if you come back, if I go slow, would you know this time?

Forget about what you've been told, that love was stolen
Forget about what you have heard, that bridge is broken
But i never want to hear you say that the hope is over
Cause I dont want to go away without some meaning

I never said I gave up, they say I let you down
But if the games not fair, does it even count?
Track Name: I Don't Want To Die [Live]
I have a watch in my pocket
I spent my life just tryin to stop it
I put my head into my mothers hands
I swallowed pills just to understand

Come on brother wont you ease my mind, just tell me a lie
I don't want to die

I watched a stranger do the dance of death
Twenty-one years in a single breath
I thought of heaven and a coming hour
I drank whisky in the devils arms

Its a direction, this aint no life choice
Im just a little guy and I dont want to die

I gave my life to a cigarette
I fucked all night just to try and forget
I thought of heaven and a coming hour
Then I passed out filthy drunk on the floor of a bar
Track Name: Clues [Live]
Questions surround themselves
Exercises in helplessness

You couldn't tell me to stay away

People contain the clues
All i wanted to take from you

All you said, all you care about, what you did, what I'm finding out